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I believe that photography is both an art and an experience. My goal is to make the experience just as valuable as the memories captured. As a photographer, I facilitate organic moments, make things as simple as I can, and provide a natural environment for my clients. 

My approach to photography is based on my perspective and belief that life is beautiful, and each moment of our lives is worthy of cherishing.

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I get it. There are so many photographers you are inquiring with and asking quotes for your wedding, family session, newborn portrait, etc. Honestly, having been through all those situations before, I was flying by the seat of my pants hoping to find the perfect match for my dream photos.

I don’t want you to feel that way about booking your photographer.

So let’s lay it all out on the table.


No matter what type of session you are looking for, when you send me an inquiry, I respond back within 24 hours with my pricing guides. I’ll then offer you an initial consultation via a phone or Zoom call to find out what you are looking for in a photographer. This is our chance to know one another and see if we vibe or not! I don't want to be strangers on the day of your wedding or portraits! After our call, I’ll draw up a custom proposal for you and email it your way so you can have a clear picture before you make a decision.

Complimentary Consultation

So you want to be besties and use me for the photos of your dreams? If everything seems amazing, I’ll then send you our contract via email for you to read and sign, and to make your initial deposit. You’ll receive a confirmation email from me, as well as what you can expect for your next steps. (As a fun side note, I also like to send wedding clients a little congratulatory gift in the mail, as a ‘thank you’ for booking me as your photographer and kick off our awesome relationship!)

Securing your Date

I understand sometimes clients have a lot of questions (I know I did when I was a bride or new mom), even about things not photography related and I want to reassure you that you can ask me anything! I always respond to emails, texts, phone calls, Messenger, and any other method of contact in a timely way. As my client, our communication is a top priority for me. Ask me about outfits, ask me about photo locations... heck ask me about my favorite show I have just watched because you need a new binger! Anything goes!

In case it needed to be said again — I’m here for you.

Prepping for your session

On your session day I’ll have an outline of what I typically capture through questionnaire, so you can rest easy knowing I have my shot list and any other additions you requested be captured. I easily mold to what the session needs. If you need a hype girl on your best wedding day ever... I got you! If you need someone to be silly and play games with your kids to make them laugh... I got you! Even if you need someone to help you off the ground during a maternity session... I am here for ya!

Your session day

All sessions are delivered via an online, downloadable and shareable gallery. You can also order fine art prints through the gallery as well! For portrait sessions, I work quickly to show you a proof gallery within 48 hours of your session... just because I am so excited to see your flawless images! For weddings, I LOVE to schedule a gallery reveal mini party with you around 6 weeks after your big day! This is my favorite time to relive your final edited images and show you how to preserve your memories in heirloom albums. 

If you can’t tell already, I love what I do. I love that my job is making the best memories happen for you.

presentation of gallery & ordering of images

from meeting to delivery

the process

+ Up to 1.5 hours of in home, lifestyle photographing time*
+ Baskets and wraps with your choice of color
+ Unlimited outfit changes
+ Full gallery of ~50 images
+ Hand edited, high resolution images
+ Online shareable gallery
+ Printing Rights

package includes:

investment starts at $400


+ All packages include a complimentary engagement session
+ Customized day of coordination timeline
+ Unlimited planning consultations
+ Unlimited images
+ Hand edited, high resolution images
+ Online shareable gallery
+ Printing Rights

packages includes:

Contact for Wedding Pricing Guide

Contact for Newborn Pricing INfo

Book Your best portrait session

investment starts at $1600


+ On location photography services of choice*
+ Guided posing and prompts for natural images
+ Full proof gallery for choice of images
+ Hand edited, high resolution images
+ Online shareable gallery
+ Printing Rights

package includes:

investment starts at $250


* Travel Fee may apply 20 mins outside of 66216


The vast majority of us are not models, so it’s no surprise that many clients tell me when we first meet that they’re awkward on camera or they never look good in photos. These are the same people that you now see filling the galleries on my website! The piece of feedback I’ve probably received most over the years is that I was able to make everyone feel comfortable and let them have a blast while capturing their favorite images. Part of this is through my flexible to direction, and part of this is through working with clients that I connect with. Yes I absolutely provide direction wherever needed, but that doesn’t mean your photos are going to feel stiff or posed. Sometimes giving great direction means letting you know where to go, getting you to do something silly and capturing a REAL moment of laughter between the two of you amidst the pre visualized composition I came up with in my photography brain. One of the most important and underrated aspects of photography is choosing a photographer who you feel personally comfortable with; someone that you would actually want to invite to your wedding or a party you plan, and hopefully someone who makes you laugh. 

You wear whatever makes you feel like your best self! Typically, I suggest that solid, more earthy or neutral tones colors are always best. Avoiding patterns ensures a more timeless look. However, if you want to include some florals, colors, or stripes, stick to the 80/20 rule (solid neutral/pattern color). If possible incorporate layers into your clothing to give it more visual interest and allow for movement. I am more than happy to provide feedback on the clothes you are thinking about wearing!


I shoot and edit every session in RAW to ensure the maximum amount of exposure and color information is available for my editing, however I deliver edited and finished high resolution JPEG files. I hand pick all the images that meet my standards. I will never hold back on delivering a good photo because I’ve already reached a quota; If an image is sharp and in focus, well exposed, has good expressions and is NOT a duplicate then I will deliver it. For weddings, it can range anywhere between 75-100 images/hour. For a portrait session, it is between 50-75 images/hour for a proof gallery.

Every image you receive is individually edited for color, contrast, exposure and style. Some images occasionally require a little more finessing for temporary things like blemishes and pimples, but things like heavy facial retouching, wrinkle removal or body reshaping are not included with my standard packages and are available for an additional fee.


This depends on the time of year, as later in the buys season my editing load builds up a little more as I’m busy shooting multiple weddings, engagements and portrait sessions every week. Most wedding couples will wait 4-6 weeks to get their photos. For portrait sessions requiring proofs, I aim to have your choice to you within 48 hours. After that it typically won't take more than 2 weeks. Depending on the season, I can get them hand-edited and over to you in a few days! During the busy season a few week may be added on.


I work on a calibrated monitor and a specific print lab that I know prints fine art for your home true to my editing and color. Although you are 100% able to print with any lab you choose with no size or print restrictions and no watermarks! However, from personal experience these other labs can alter the look (via saturation, exposure, shadows, etc.). I want you to cherish your works of art in your home for a lifetime. Thus, I can only guarantee the quality of a print ordered through me. 


Your portrait session will be scheduled within 2 hours of sunset! This is the perfect time to capture those dreamy "golden hour" photos. On certain occasions we can also make photo magic 2 hours after sunrise! Other than newborns and weddings, these are the only times I will schedule a session. If my availability calendar doesn't meet you needs please reach out!


There are SO many in the Kansas City area. My all-time favorite outdoor scenery is Shawnee Mission Park. There are so many different types of scenery there! If you are looking for something a little more unique, I love the West bottoms. The architecture is so inspiring! For a true Kansas City vibe, the Nelson Atkins Museum or Kauffman are great too!


Yes! I offer small studio sessions in my home. The space is limited to a max of 3 children. It does not accommodate a full family. Additionally, I do not offer traditional newborn studio. All newborn sessions happen in the comfort of your own home! If you are concerned about weather, we can always do an intimate lifestyle session in your home as well! Please specify when inquiring if you would like a studio session.

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